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FAQs about A Plus Tutor USA

Why is your tutoring different from what is offered at my child's school ?

We offer a 1:1 or 1:3 teacher-student ratios depending on the situation, while most school instruction is given in a large group setting. Research proves that school-based intervention programs do not work well for most students. However, one on one and small group instruction has been proven to be far more successful for most students and allows our tutors to fully focus on your child's individual needs. This special attention helps the child to focus on his studies without distractions, ask questions without embarrassment, and understand concepts with greater ease. Our customized approach to learning actually provides your child with a more permanent solution and ongoing study skills that will last a lifetime.

What if my child learns differently? Can you help with his or her needs ?

Not all children learn the same because each is a unique and special individual. We assess your child's individual learning style and any challenges he or she may face in a traditional classroom setting. If your child has ADD, Learning Disability, Asperger's Syndrome or a similar issue. We are fully and professionally equipped to assist with these problems. Every piece of learning will be customized to make learning more accessible for your child.

What other obstacles can interfere with my child's education ?

Some children face problems with self-confidence, poor study habits, lack of motivation, or examination phobia. Whatever the issue, we at APlus Tutor USA will design a special individually-structured tutoring program designed to help overcome these academic obstacles.

How can you improve my child's study skills ?

Part of our overall tutoring strategy is to improve your child's study skills because these skills can impact every area of academic growth. Studying is a skill that comes naturally to some children, but needs to be developed in others. As with any skill, this takes practice and competent guidance. Our program will teach students the organizational skills necessary to focus their mind and use their time to the best advantage. In addition, your child will develop the following strategies that will help in all academic areas:
  • Organizational strategies.
  • Communication strategies.
  • Reading Comprehension strategies.
  • Note-taking strategies.
  • Memorization strategies.
  • Test-taking strategies.
  • Homework strategies.
  • Stress Management strategies.

Give your child the best learning tools to succeed in school and life!

We are confident - Your child is sure to benefit from our

  • Tutoring
  • Single subject options
  • Test Preparation

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